Information for American Citizens

For American patients wanting to get prescription medications from Canada there are a number of hurdles.

In order to fill a prescription in Canada we need the doctor/dentist to have his/her license here in Canada, we are not allowed to fill prescriptions from foreign prescribers.
Then, even if a Canadian prescriber writes (or co-signs) the prescription there are many difficulties in transporting Canadian medications into the states.  The FDA doesn’t generally allow non-FDA prescription medication to be shipped into the US even if you have a prescription. (read link for exceptions). 
On top of this, the FDA has rules in place restricting access to foreign FDA approved medications.  Currently, the re-importation (re-introduction) of an FDA-approved drug by anyone other than the manufacturer of the drug is, although not always enforced, prohibited.
The process of getting high quality and less expensive prescription medications from Canada into the US is complex and not without risk (read link for details about risks).  Vanier Pharmacy is interested in helping our patients in anyway we can but at this current time, we are not participating in shipping medications into the US as it is too great of a legal risk.
Thanks for taking the time to read this Sincerely, Vanier Pharmacy