Pharmacy Services

Medication Reviews

Let us know if you need a one-on-one consultation to better understand your medications.

What to expect from your medication review:

  • 20 minutes with your pharmacist
  • medication simplification and therapy optimization
  • safety and interaction checking
  • generation of an up-to-date medication list for other health care providers
  • notification sent to your primary care physician to update them on your medication issues
  • Schedule your MedsCheck with our pharmacist today

    Prescription Compounding

    Need a medication compounded? Give us a call, maybe we can save you a trip across town.

    Capabilities of the pharmacy:

    • we are able to compound many different dosage forms; creams, ointments, gels…etc -flavouring of medications for kids.
    • flavouring of medications for kids. Do you have a child that doesn’t like the taste of their oral antibiotic… let us know and we can help.
    • compounding of chronic pain creams and ointments. You don’t need to travel across the city to have the product that your require.
    Do you have questions about our compounding services – please Contact Us

    Medication Packaging

    Simplifying your medications so you can put your focus onto other issues.

    Medication Packaging highlights:

    • organization of your medications into blister cards or dispill packaging
    • this system organizes your prescriptions so that confusion over missed doses is minimized. You (or your caregivers) can look at the packaging and know that your haven’t missed your medication.
    • can be setup for in store pickup or delivery
    • simple, understandable and convenient payment options
    Do you have questions about our packaging services for you or a loved one? – please Contact Us


    We provide a convenient way for you to protect yourself.

    Immunization clinic highlights:

    • fully covered influenza immunizations for all Ontario residents over 5 years of age. If you are in a rush, print and pre-fill our injection form for each interested individual.
    • avoid booking an extra time consuming physician’s visit and get your immunization from our licensed injection certified pharmacist. Our pharmacists are now able to administer 13 different vaccines.
    Do you have questions about these immunizations? – please Contact Us